Small Case Practice

Life is full of small annoyances.  They may not involve a great deal of money, but they definitely involve a great deal of aggravation. My small claims practice can help.  I offer a flat rate fee of $200 to mediate simple cases.  Each participant pays a total of just $100 each for up to 3 hours of mediation and a written agreement (assuming one is reached.)  I don’t do any research or prep work and the case must involve less than $5,000.  Examples of small claims cases are: noise disturbance cases (e.g. dog barking, loud music, late night parties,) landlord/tenant, post divorce disagreements (e.g., holiday visitation, payment of sports fees), HOA disputes, and many other cases which could be filed in a small claims court.  It costs money to file a case and the “loser” can sometimes be required to pay the “winner’s” attorneys fees and court costs, so it is worth considering whether mediation might be a better choice.  Court cases are scheduled at the convenience of the court, not the convenience of the parties in conflict.  In my practice, we can work out a mutually agreeable time to meet to try to resolve the case.   Give me a call and let’s see if your situation might be well suited for mediation.